Souvenir Thread is a five piece acoustic, indie-folk band based in Fort Collins, CO. Cut from the same cloth as the Early Sides, Souvenir Thread formed in 2014 when violinist Sharon Docherty joined forces with Early Sides members Rob Addington, John Frank, John Duffy and Pete Hevenor. While members of Souvenir Thread have called Fort Collins home for a number of years, they hail from all over the country and bring a variety of influences and styles, from old-time traditional to Americana to rock anthem. Their song repertoire is diverse and ranges from the moody and melodic to the foot-stomping rug cutter. Throughout, the band prizes rich vocal harmonies, compelling rhythms, and thoughtful song crafting. Souvenir Thread is at home playing raucous loud venues as well as quiet intimate settings.

Rob Addington - guitar, vocals
John Duffy - guitar, bass, vocals
John Frank - pedal steel, banjo, guitar, bass, vocals
Sharon Docherty - fiddle, vocals
Pete Hevenor - drums, percussion